Charlie Sheen

During the past few weeks I have followed Charlie Sheen’s media interviews in an almost obsessive compulsive manner. Although without doubt there are some interesting statements he has made, I can not help that this is all part of a deeper plot, that he is playing the media and the audience (us/me) like puppets. I am not close to Charlie and can not profess to know much about him, but my deep sense is that Charlie’s new found focus and recent drug-free living is centred around seeking revenge on those that he feels betrayed by. There have been many reports that Charlie is bipolar and is going through a manic phase. Only time will tell if the “so-called” psychologists are right as we will either see Charlie regress or I suspect hear very little from him.

My gut feel however is that he is really playing puppeteer and I think as millions continue to follow him on Twitter, that he will end up making quite a lot of money along the way (regardless of his state of mind) and therefore is in fact winning!

I cannot see how “Two and a Half Men” will capture the same audience it once did with either John Stamos or Rob Lowe playing “Charlie Harper”. Audiences are fickle and I believe they will see this replacement as being disloyal. Therefore Chuck Lorre, Warner Brothers, CBS and the other “trolls” will end up losing money and attempting to gain a foothold on their loss (exemplified by attempting to replace Charlie Sheen) while Charlie makes money and continues to attract an audience.

Kudos Charlie Sheen … you have my vote. Please continue to teach the trolls a lesson and prove them wrong.