Great Questions

I love a question that really gets you thinking. As a lover of music, I was asked a very simple question what type of music do you like best? My simple answer at the time was top 40 – but I felt that that was quite a lame response – what exactly is Top 40 music? Pop? So, after categorising my Itunes library into genres, I was able to determine that the type of music I liked best was Rock music!

I went a step further with this and prepared myself for the following questions:

Who is your favourite singer? Pink

What is your favourite band?Fleetwood Mac

What is your favourite song?Tainted Love (Soft Cell)   

Now I was prepared for any of these questions should they be asked. What I wasn’t prepared for though was a question that had me floored during a job interview.

Having been in the Marketing and Communications area for about 13 years, I was in a job interview when the HR Director asked As a person who has such a passion for marketing, what are your top three advertisements? I was prepared for so many questions for this interview, but this one really brought out a bead of perspiration…

From the back of my mind I was able to provide the following two responses:

1) Big Ad (Carlton Draught)

2) Power of Words  (Purplefeather)

Luckily, the interview moved on before I needed to scrape my brain for a third, but afterwards, I thought the next one would have been:

3) The Spirit of Australia (Qantas)

The next day, I still felt that these were my top three commercials, followed by two very good ones:

4) Eyebrows – Glass and a Half (Cadbury)

5) Lost in translation (Berlitz)

Feel free to take a look at these ads by clicking on their title and let me know your thoughts.

Gotta love a question that makes you think! Hmmm… what are your top 10 commercials??? 😛