Life is like a trampoline….

On this day last year, I hit rock bottom! I distinctly remember the day.

I had gone into the doctor’s surgery in the morning after realising that I was in a funk, spiralling into a state that I had no control over. One moment I was feeling on top of the world and the next I wanted to end my life.

After receiving my medication, I took a double dose and then caught up with my friends to celebrate Melbourne Cup. I really didn’t want to go, but pushed myself just the same.

The next hours whizzed by with a flurry of alcohol – so much so that I could not drive my car. So I called on a friend to drive it to a safe location and then continued drinking. The afternoon seemed flat. I wasn’t in good space and eventually called hubby to pick me up.

Today…… I no longer drink alcohol. It doesn’t sit well with the medication I am on. I no longer have massive moods swings and I feel that I am now in one constant state of contentment.

Life is like a trampoline, you got to have the down moments to enjoy the heights!