Mistakes – I have made a few!

There is nothing more suffocating than feeling hurt. But worse than this is causing hurt or pain to someone we love.

For a long time I have had to live with forgiving myself for hurting me. Then, forgiving myself for hurting others. I am ashamed to say that the list is long! Some will never forgive me and I have had to accept that – that is their option. But for those that have, I feel so grateful and blessed.

For sometime I wanted to wrap those I loved in cotton wool to protect them from being hurt by others, but mostly by me.

I am proud to say that the layers of cotton wool need not be so thick now. I am a much better person and although I will slip from time to time, the pain and hurt will be dramatically less than what it would have been in the past.

Mistakes, I have made many, blessings I have more! To those that have stood by me through thick and thin, thank you for believing in me – for seeing something in me that at times I didn’t. Thank you for your forgiveness. I do not take it for granted. 

I am now working on returning the blessings I have been given and making up for the mistakes of the past.