Rollercoaster ride…

My life has been a crazy rollercoaster, but a while ago I decided to get off the crazy rollercoaster and onto the nanna rollercoaster. The dips and hills are a lot less bumpy and there is more constant joy than fear on this ride. I haven’t looked back and I know my family and friends are much happier with me on the nanna rollercoaster…..

The dips of my past will still lurk around though – I can not take that time back or rewrite my history. I am not proud of all I have done, but I am very proud of who I am now. I actually like the person I am – even though I don’t like the person I once was. This is a very nice feeling. To actually know that I am a good person and that the chances of blowing friendships and relationships has dramatically decreased due to the constant state of mind and this huge desire to be a better person.

So….. this all means a newer me. A person who has learnt the hard way. I am glad that people can already see the difference. I am happy that this is making me a happier person. I truly do believe that I am now a person who is a worthy friend and partner. A good person.