Crowded House

Crowded House were popular in Australia in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s – but it wasn’t until I heard Brooke Fraser sing Distant Sun last year that I really got into them. Neil and Tim Finn wrote some amazing songs – some of which are quite beautiful, yet have a deep and dark side to them. Better be Home Soon is a classic example of this. The song initially sounds as though the singer is basically waiting for his partner to come home – but a deeper look at the lyrics reveals a man warning his partner that she better be home soon or “maybe he’ll be gone”. 

It’s only natural is another song which first sounds like a male telling his partner that it’s only natural to have the feelings that they have for one another – but the lyrics tell another story – the singer is trying to convince another to “please, let me have my way with you”.

I admire how artists can make such deep songs sound so uplifting and breezy. It reminds me a little of Lilly Allen and her songs Smile, F*#k You and Not Fair…