As I get older, it appears to me that the human race is getting more and more selfish. There is in particular a visible ”me” culture coming out of the Y generation. Long gone are the days when it was the norm for a gentlemen to offer his seat to the fairer sex. As I type this I can hear groans from those claiming feminists are the reason for that. “Women rallied for equality, equal pay,” they would say “so now they must live with the consequences of equality.” Fair enough – I can accept that opinion, even though I am not a strong advocate for equality in the sexes. But even those expressing the “equality” statement have to admit that it is now almost impossible for a pregnant woman, the elderly or a mother and infant to be treated fairly in public. These days people seem to be in a rush to get from one place to the next and anyone who gets in their way or slows them down is barrelled over. I am just as guilty of this from time to time and so today I am requesting anyone who reads this join me and make a small change daily to do something completely unselfish for a mere stranger. Let that idiot on the road who indicated way too late to have the spot in your lane. Give the mother struggling with her child a seat on the bus. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we saw unselfish behaviour occur more and more often? Who knows, the next time you need a hand from a stranger you may just receive a random act of kindness.

Go on, I dare you – do something completely unselfish for a stranger right now….