And I’m Feeling Good…..

Something happened when I looked in the mirror this morning – something odd, yet vaguely familiar – I liked what I saw! In fact, I stopped, did a few poses and gave myself the tick of approval. Sexy… not bad.. I thought.

I didn’t realise how long it had been since I gave the nod of approval to my reflection, but must admit, it has been awhile. Even though I am getting older, the ideal me has not changed. And now… well, I am fighting nature.

Funnily enough, this appreciation of my body today has had a huge impact on my attitude. I feel really good! I have been having quite a few issues with my body of late – nothing major, just bad skin, bloatedness, looking tired, baggy eyes and didn’t realise how it was making my grumpy and moody.

This got me thinking about the importance of doing all you can to look after yourself. I have had some interesting thoughts about this. When I am feeling good, I actually make myself feel better by doing small things like getting a manicure or a massage, but when I am feeling grumpy or frumpy I am my own worse enemy. I let things go … small things like not getting a pedicure or wearing very little makeup.

I need to remind myself to look after myself – regardless of how I feel. I need to ensure that even when I am feeling frumpy that I should do something to pamper that woman crying out to appear – if only I would let her.

We all know how our self esteem rises when we feel good. It’s time I stop punishing myself for getting old….er. 

I WILL grow old gracefully!