You say goodbye, I say hello!

There is an interesting phenomenon which I have been surprised by now and then. It happens mainly with men in my experience. Things can sometimes get too crazy with relationships of the opposite sex, that it can be best to just walk away, before we do or say something we might regret. And just as one of us says goodbye, the other says hello!

This can often be confusing as it can be difficult to read into what this actually means – but in most cases, the person saying hello is often not ready to let go – just yet.

It is then up to the person saying goodbye as to how they will handle this. What the ‘hello’ actually means.

I wish I was the kind of person who could ignore a hello after I have said goodbye.

Saying goodbye is never easy and often comes with a range of emotions – so unravelling all this hard work really needs some deep thinking. More often than not, the time will come to say goodbye again anyway – and at times it can be the person whose response was hello…. it is now just their time to let go.

I need to be stronger. I say goodbye and I mean goodbye needs to be my motto.