Going to the movies…

When I go to a movie theater I prefer for it to be empty. Not so that I can sit anywhere I like – although this is definitely a benefit, but because in life, I have found, the more people there are at an event, the more likely it is that one of them is going to be a hindrance. I am sure you have experienced them. They are the ones who answer their mobiles while watching the movies, or who talk throughout the movie to their mate. Oh, we also gotta love the ones who like to throw their popcorn or jaffles at you or think that I would someone find it more comfortable if they put their feet into my back or head. Perhaps they are the ones with the extraordinary big head which always seems to be in the way or who choose not to sit where they have been allocated because they believe they are more superior than being told that they need to sit up the front because they are late!

I have always loved the fact that when there is a funny scene in the movie that the crowd all laugh together, but unfortunately the minor few have made me wary about going to the movies now.

What do you prefer?