My Bestie

We all have one. That one person in our lives that passes every life test to end up being the longest bestest friend ever! Although it can sound childish, besties are actually life savers. They have been through so many things with you; relationship breakups, work issues, all sorts of day to day dramas and somehow managed to stay by your side through it all.

My bestie makes me happy just saying her name: Marilena. Her name is as beautiful as she is, inside and out. The meaning of Marilena to me will always be laughter. That is my favourite memory of Maz – her beautiful laugh and her smiling face.

I first met Maz at a house-party. She was the invitee of my house-mate at the time. I was struck by her beauty and her fantastic personality as soon as we met. I also got to meet her partner Frank and we all hit it off right from the start.

Maz was my rescue when that house-mate turned psychotic on me! She knew exactly what the house-mate was like and allowed me to stay with her for some time. During this time, our friendship really blossomed for me. She was the one who would surprise me by cleaning my room from time to time, or putting a hot water bottle in my bed when it was a cold night.

I love both Maz and Frank – but Maz has that X-factor. I would watch her as she would go about helping others with such a passion. It all comes naturally to her. I would also watch her dress up – she always had amazing clothes, shoes and jewellery.

I admire my bestie. I can always gaurantee a good laugh whenever we meet up. I miss her being close in terms of distance these days, particularly as I get older. I met Marilena in 2001 – the year of 9/11. It has been over 10 years of great times which I will forever cherish. Maz was my maid-of-honour at my wedding and has been my shoulder and support through it all.

I think our friendship has lasted so long as we don’t take things too seriously, we don’t judge one another, we are there for one another, we both genuinly care about each other and we both know deep down that we would be there for one another should anything bad happen. Our friendship is a testimony to those who believe that friendship can not survive long distances. I love the fact that we can say that!