Living with Bipolar

I have been diagnosed and treated for bipolar for over a year now.

As a young girl growing up, there was not a lot of signs, that in my early 30’s I would receive this diagnosis. Two things that hindsight has provided regarding my young days, was my intense desire for attention and the need to cling onto a person or people in a way that later would be revealed as being obsessive.

As a child, I remember using my female form for attention. Climbing the monkey bars with no underwear, lifting up my skirt all the time, showing off my female parts in class and kissing boys.

I also made friends easily. But for me, a friend was someone you treasured above anything! I would attempt to copy them in a way to have a friendship that was beyond ‘normal.’ If my friend bit her nails, I would bite my nails. If my friend hated chocolate, I hated chocolate (well, when she was around).

With hindsight, I realise now that as I grew up, these two attributes stand out above any other as indications of my mental disorder.