I have been accused many times by my husband of not being an intimate person. This is actually quiet true, however I have come a long way from the fiercely independant woman I once was nine years ago when we first met. There are many ways however that I do show my husband that I love him….


1) When I hold your hand, it isn’t just an action, it means that I am proud to be seen as your wife.
2) When I kiss you, it isn’t just a sign of affection, it comes from deep within my heart.
3) When I play with your hair/head , it isn’t just to annoy you, it means I adore you and I can’t live without you.
4) When I put my arms around your waist, it isn’t just for my benefit, it means I care and I need you.
5) When I smile at you, it isn’t just a smile, it means I really like you – a lot!
6) When I wink at you, I’m not just flirting, it means you are my man.
7) When I hit you, it’s not because I think I am stronger than you, it means that I want you to hold me and don’t let me go.
8) When I try to act tough, I am usually trying to hide something and it means that I want you to reassure me that you love me.
9) When I am quiet, I am usually thinking, so feel free to ask me what’s wrong
10) When I ignore you, I am usually thinking. It means I want/need your full attention
11) When I pull away, I am usually hurt and I want you to pull me back
12) When I am crying, I am usually feeling pained. Just hold me and don’t say a word.
13) When my back is to you, it usually means I am having difficulty facing you. I love how you sneak up and hug me from behind
14) When I am scared, I usually try to hide it. It means I am looking at you for protection.
15) When I steal something of yours, it means that I need it, if only for a day. It is also a good clue for what you could buy me as a present! 🙂
16) When I don’t answer you for a long time, it usually means I am confused. It means I need your reassurance that everything is okay
17) When I say I love you, I REALLY DO – MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!
18) When I bump you, it means I am looking for attention. It means bump me back and make me laugh
19) When I tell you a secret, it means I trust you to keep it safe and untold
20) When I look into your eyes, it is not just a look, but it means I love you (see point 17)
21) When I say it’s over, it usually means I am feeling a great deal of burden. It means I still want you to be mine, but that I need you to help me lift the burden.