“And lead me not into temptation, for I am pretty good at finding it myself, thanks.”

I would see myself as a ‘good’ person, but I am no saint. I have had many times when I have given in to temptation, particularly in my youth. These days, it takes a little bit more effort to tempt me. Long gone is the “invincible me” mentality. My vices have gone from a long list to one or two. And one of these vices is food. Oh.My.God do I love food. Not the sweet sickly cakes and biscuits or chocolate (though nothing wrong with this from time to time), I mean succulent steaks, thai food, roasts. Real, proper, mouth-watering food.

Just writing this has filled my mouth with saliva. I am literally drooling over the words I am writing. This is why I find it so difficult to diet or as I like to say, watch what I eat. I am not an overweight person, in fact my BMI is normal. But I could quite easily put on weight, so I do need to eat right. No matter what food plan (any word than diet) you give me, I struggle. Tell me I can’t eat something and guess what, all I can think about it is eating it.

So, with one kilo to go to my goal weight I am struggling. I get to within grams of my goal and then binge. I feel like I am constantly sabotaging myself – like I am scared what I would do if I didn’t have a food regime (not diet) to follow. Today, I am on the low-carb, low fat diet. Low-carb. So what do I do? Eat a bowl of rice!! RICE! Plain, boring, sticky white rice. I am not even a fan of boiled rice (unless it’s mixed with milk and cinnamon and made into a pudding!) But I digress, which is so easy for me to do when talking about food. I need to be stricter with myself. I need to ensure I get to that goal (AND STAY THERE). Why would I keep sabotaging myself? Food and I need to get along. We need to find a balance.

“And lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil”

EVIL EVIL FOOD (which looks so innocent and tastes so nice)