Following on from my previous post, my obsession with food has got me into some hot water with my colleague. Just some background info, I am an Ozzie living in the Middle East. My colleague is a Jordanian male who sits directly opposite me. In fact, his desk butts against my desk and we share one telephone.

So today, as part of the low-carb regime (not diet), I had omlette for lunch. This was ordered from the local shop, which delivers. So when the food arrived, it was provided on a plastic plate with a plastic spoon. Spoon!!! What was I supposed to do, spoon my omlette into my mouth?

I am sure, that majority of you would get up out of your seat, find a knife and fork, possibly a proper plate and eat the omlette like a civilised person. The only problem with this, is that as you are finding the cutlery and crockery, your pefectly warm omlette starts to cool down and there is nothing worse than a cold omlette.

So, I take off the glad wrap, and using my fingers, start tearing the omlette up into small sections. Then, I roll these sections up and pop them in my mouth. As I am devouring the made-to-order omlette, I eventually take my eyes off my plate, to look up into my colleague’s disgusted face. Completely unaware that the style in which I was eating my omlette was turning his stomach, I asked him if he didn’t like egg. (It was a completely innocent question).

I was completely taken aback when he told me the true reason for his disgust. I then started thinking of the smoked salmon which I had this morning, whereby I did exactly the same thing.

What is it that makes food taste so much better when you eat it with your fingers? I love the feel of oil on my fingertips and the animal instincts that eating with my hands gives. But from now on, it looks as though I am delegated to the company kitchen to devour my food…