Getting paid to do nothing…

I am in a job I hate… hate I tell you. It has nothing to do with my boss ( he is not perfect, but he is okay), it has more to do with the fact that there is nearly nothing to do. That’s right! In the past two months, I have probably done on average one full days’ work.

Sooo… I spend my time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail, Linked In, Forums and thinking of things to blog. I know that there would be many envious busy people thinking that it would be great to have a job where you get paid for doing nothing, but let me tell you, it’s frustrating. I am running out of things to fill my day. I am running out of motivation to even come into the workplace. On 30 March, I go on a seven week break back to Australia. (That’s in 32 days, not that I am counting!). I can not wait. By life will hopefully be a bit more interesting than what it is currently.

Many a time I have thought of resigning. There is something that holds me back though. It is not the money… although it is nice to have, it is not everything. In fact, my husband is in one of those jobs that pays very very well and I don’t HAVE to work. It could be that I am one year away from my work anniversary (17 April), or that I have hope things might turn around. It also could be that I am scared of what not working would mean….. (housework ….. GASP!!!). How would I fill my day? Would this mean becoming one of THOSE women…. a lady of leisure?

Hmmmm…. I am being tempted every day. Maybe I will just get myself pregnant and become a stay-at-home mum.

The great news is that my parents are coming to visit us on 5 March (that’s only a week away!!!) šŸ™‚