Well what an interesting 36 hours. Yesterday, I was excited and yet hesitant, regarding a German TV crew visiting the workplace. The reason for my hesitation was because the plans for the crew were agreed upon without much of my input due to the mother-tongue of the crew and the Managing Director. I can not speak German. But what is disappointing is that both the MD and the crew can speak English.

Being the professional I am, I like to ensure that proper planning has been done in advance in order to mitigate any concerns. Unfortuantely I did not have much say in the planning process and to my utter disgust and horror, the MD had not planned anything in advance, despite telling myself and the CEO that he had.

The TV Crew came into the workplace with no plan, no permission forms, nothing. When I realised the disaster we were facing, I did my best to send out emails and hold back the crew from filming. But my lack of German and the ego of the MD say the two in cohorts and ignore my requests and those of the CEO.

I therefore walked away, very angry, typed up an email outlining the major issues, followed by my letter of resignation. Did I give this to the CEO? No!!! I chickened out. I know in my heart of hearts that it is the best thing for me to do, but the one thing holding me back is the fact that I am so close to my one year anniversary. I am in fact 20 working days away from going on my seven weeks of leave. 20 working days. I know I can do it. So, I will keep my smiling face, my letter in my pocket and my mind a-wandering, to pass my time by before the day of reckoning.

I can not wait. What a disaster of a workplace it is here.

In the meantime, I have come across a person in need of my skills to interview publishers. This is an upaid role, but will see me write up an article online once a month for authors. I am a bit excited by this. Not only did I have something to do for the past hour, but this is a motivational role as I keep my eye on the ball of finishing my own book.

So, today. Today is the 29 February. This miserable year has an extra day in it! Yippee!! Even longer to countdown until the day of resignation. But alas, today is also the traditional day which allows a woman to propose. I am already married, but my husband and I have discussed many times, the option of remarrying due to the many changes we have faced over the past nine years. I have been seriously thinking about this….. and now after typing it, I know what I must do!

Stay tuned……