To my unborn child….

Hi There! I think of you often. I can not decide however if you are a boy or a girl, but I have dreamt of buying clothes for you, unwrapping Xmas presents, fighting with you (mainly if you are a girl), being proud of you and mostly announcing that I am pregnant with you to your father and the family.

I have prayed and prayed for you to be born for many years now. I have gone through many trials and tribulations in order to try and bring you into the world. In fact, your father and I have decided that this will more than likely be the last IVF procedure that we will undertake. I am not disillusioned though. Your presence is stronger than ever and I know that I am at the perfect time to give you the best opportunities in life. I am not too sure why you didn’t opt to come into our lives earlier, but I am guessing that you knew I wasn’t quite ready, or that you didn’t like your choosen name at the time. I agree, Ethan and Sienna are no longer the preferred names, particularly when I found out that they were so popular. We have to wait and see what your cousin will be called, but I am thinking either Shannon Jr or Cameron if you are a boy. Of course, your middle name will be Roy in recognition of your wonderful grandfather which you will unfortunately never meet. If you are a girl, the only name I will consider at this stage is Maddison. That is, if your unlce doesn’t steal it from me with the upcoming birth of his daughter.  Maddy, I am unsure if I will go for the romantic “Rose” as a middle name or if I will name you a version of my mother’s name; Olivia. My mother, Olive would be so pleased and I can not think of a better person to name you after.

I have been taking steroids, growth hormones and folic acid for a month now. I have another month to go before the actual IVF procedure takes place.

I hope that you will be healthy, that is all I wish. With all the hormones and drugs in my system as well as the age of your father and his sperm, all I hope and pray is that you will be healthy.

That is all for now little one.

Love Mum x