Culutre of Blame

As you may know from my previous post I despise my workplace. To add to the long list, which is now starting to become a scroll, there is a terrible culture of blame. This leads to highly personal and disgusting emails. I have been sent the followingfrom a senior person in the organisation: People with such a lack of knowledge and  bad behave , should abstain giving  any advice to others. Ignoring the obvious spelling error (which would have been so easy to pick on), had this had been warranted, fair enough, but the CEO had to stand in on this one and let the doctor know that he was actually in the wrong. This was actually early on in my job. Ever since, things have got worse and I can NOT wait until I go on seven weeks leave. Upon returning, I will provide the CEO my letter of resignation and “wulla” all of this will be behind me.

I blame the CEO you know. He is responsible for ensuring a culture of trust and teamwork. Unfortunately, he has failed to deliever this culture by allowing a few rotten eggs to “get away with” this type of behaviour. And now, I am happy to partake. I am now starting to throw back what I am getting. I don’t care anymore. What are they going to do? Fire me? Huh. First of all, that would be doing me a favour and second, it would be the first time the CEO has made any type of decision regarding bullying in the workplace.

So my professional demeanour has now crumbled. I am just as bad as the rest of them. I have lowered my standards. Yet…. it tastes so good. I love a good bitch fight. Particularly when I know I am right. Right now I am facing my opponent’s king and yelling “Cheque mate”. The next move is over to the CEO.