We’re getting remarried!!

So following on from my post yesterday (sorry, there were a few), I took the leap (excuse the pun) and proposed to my husband. This is a major step for me. For a long time, I never saw myself getting married. Marriage in my mind was for bored women or gold-digging women or women who wanted someone to look after them. I wasn’t one of those women. I was an independant woman who didn’t need a man to look after me! I am not too sure when these angry walls started being built, but eventually they were reinforced and high security alarms put in place along with one major heavy-duty chain and lock.

In fact, I admit, that even through the past seven years of marriage and nine years in a relationship with my husband, that I haven’t been ready for marriage. Ridiculous right? Oh don’t get me wrong, I dreamt often of a wedding – but that was just a party – marriage is a life-time with one person. Seriously! Human beings were not made for just one person. In fact, when I did get married, I was a supporter of open marriages, I didn’t believe in monogamy and I was more interested in women than men. Yep, really good marriage material huh?

I am not too sure what my husband was thinking! In fact, there have been times when he has said that he thought we would only be married for a short time, but that it was better than the alternative.

Somehow time kept ticking by and we managed to stay married. Despite me pushing him away, seperating from him and in fact despising the very existence of him.

But yesterday, I realised that I couldn’t imagine anyone else beside me in this life. I realised that my very best friend walks this earth alongside me. That we had managed to change our form and mold into one another. Not perfectly, but damn close enough. I realised that my biggest supporter is my husband and that he is my one.

We are not a perfect couple. We fight over the littlest of things and there are things in our relationship that need to be focussed on. But as long as there is love and the knowledge that your partner wants the best for you, then there is nothing that we can not overcome.

In fact, looking back on our life we have overcome so much, that the small things we need to focus on in our marriage should be a walk in the park!

Shannon, I love you so very much. Somehow you managed to break through the mile high thick walls and saw the vulnerable scared woman searching for an answer to her broken heart. Thank you. You have turned this woman around.

With you I can be a happy wife. (Sorry, I still have problems typing, let alone saying that w word). Anyhoo, I want to believe in monogomy and I haven’t thought about a woman for awhile now.

Oh, and had you have said no to my proposal, there would have been major problems honey! 🙂

So, where shall we remarry? Hmmm… I have lots to plan….And this time there will be no fights about the cake. I will get my way this time!