10 things I am looking forward to…

When I was in hospital, I remember being told that it would be good for me to write a list of what I am looking forward to. It helped me get out of the duldrums and to see a brighter future.

It has been awhile, and as you may know from my previous posts, I am struggling at work. There is now 19 days of work to go until my seven week break!! So that has got to be number one: I am looking forward to going back to Australia and spending time with family and friends.

2: My parents arrive tomorrow for a two week visit (They have arrived!!)

3: The arrival of my niece in a month

4: Starting plans for a baby

5: Having direction one way or another regarding future

6: Resigning from work

7: A great holiday in 2013. It looks as though, if hubster gets its way, we are going to Palau.

8: Planning the renewal of our vows and actually renewing our vows in 2015

9: Finishing my Dive Master training

10: Scuba diving around the world

Life already looks brighter, I just got to get through today and the other 19 work days!