My double rainbow moment…

For you lovers of YouTube, you would have no doubt come across the double rainbow video. But for those who haven’t, I do the honour of changing your life completely by inserting the link here for you to click (Double Rainbow). Note the 32 million clicks???

The excitement that the man experiences at this natural phenomenon was the basis of my recent discussion with a colleague, the self pinching moments when the surreal seems overwhelmingly amazing.

I have been fortunate to experience many double rainbow moments, but the first thing that came into my mind is scuba diving with wild dolphins at “Shag Rock” in the Red Sea, Egypt. These dolphins would have played with us for about 20 minutes. Intrigued by us, they came up to within an arms distance and what began with two inquisitve dolphins, ended up in a pod of 17 with two pups.

This same trip came with many self pinching moments. Sitting in front of the pyramids. Making love on the Nile. Hot air ballooning above the Valley of the Kings. Visitng a site where Mary and Joseph visited. It was an amazing holiday and remains my favourite place so far to visit.

I have also been lucky enough to scuba dive with a whale shark, touch a sea turtle, scuba dive with seals and see baby turtles hatch. I have visited the River Jordan where Jesus was said to be baptised and experienced being so close to the Israel border that I received a text message from my mobile phone carrier that welcomed me to Palestine.

But all of this fades to the feelings I had when realised for the first time that I was pregnant. The immense love I felt for this life was my double rainbow moment. For four weeks I spoke gently to my son or daughter. This child never got the chance to live, but I am grateful however for the seven weeks I got to experience what it was like for life to grow inside of you (I didn’t know I was pregnant until three weeks into my pregnancy).

What is your double rainbow moment?