Testing my Engrish

Working in the UAE has had one major benefit. That has been getting to know my colleagues from all over the globe. The main people I associate with are from five different countries; Germany, Phillipines, India, Jordan and Algeria.

Being the only person whose “mother tongue” is English however, I am often asked what the word is for a particular thing. Just a second ago, my colleague asked me what the name was of the “thing” that people hold onto on the inside of the car when they are feeling scared when travelling to fast, or going quickly around the corner.

You know that thing, the “Oh My God” handle. The only thing that came to mind was the word “handle” – but of course, this was met with a confused look as the “thing” that you use to open the car door is also called a handle. Not happy with my lame response, I couldn’t help but google the answer! Was I right? Technically you could argue either way, but apparently this handle goes by the name of “grab handle” or if you are so inclined, “the passenger assist handle”.

You CAN sometimes learnt something new in this horrid workplace. (As I type, the six-month old baby of one of my colleagues who lives in the place we work from is screaming her head off!!). Such a bizzare cultural shock living and working here.