Work vs Life

I choose life yesterday. Instead of slaving myself at this hellhole of a workplace, I choose to take a day off and show parts of Abu Dhabi to my parents.

It wasn’t much of a day, but I did get to relive some of my experiences at Emirates Palace and of course, partake in a cappacino with gold flakes! The best part was however, watching the reactions of my parents. The amazement on their faces at the granduer of the palace and of course the fact that you could consume gold flakes in your coffee.

We then went to the Marina Mall where there is a revolving restaurant at the top of a sky tower which provides some great views of the city. It is a nice dining experience, but again my parents were awed by the fabulosity of the place.

I have taken this for granted. I have forgotten how amazing it was to experience high-class service. I have fallen into the trap of lifting my expectations now that a visit back to Australia could be needed to bring me back down to reality.

We are all creatures of habit aren’t we? How quickly we can accustomise ourselves to the standard of livng we have at the present moment. Don’t get me wrong, I have had to work two jobs just to make ends meet, I have not been born into this standard of living. But I now choose to enjoy it.

I am choosing to enjoy what it rest of my life. Why would I put my self through the pain of working in this horrid workplace when I don’t have to? I choose life.