Human bodies are disgusting….

I am going to provide a warning straight up, this post will be full of content that may make your nose screw up, could cause offense and might be a bit shocking. So if you are a little faint hearted, stop reading now!

It occured to me while I was emptying my bowels yesterday that our human body is disgusting. We produce the most disgusting body matter that comes out of every orifice we have. Whether it be as simple as perspiration from the pores, or rheum (also known as sleep or eye boogers) to vomit or feces, the human body produces off-putting, smelly matter.

No matter your age, sex, financial status, religion or values, there is no getting away from the creation of pus, ear-wax, mucus or waste products our bodies produce.

Yesterday, I had the joys of beginning my menstrual cycle. I am sorry for the TMI status of this post, but it was met with waves of cramping and pain, along with dirrahea and nausea. This in turn saw me stuck in a toilet, writhering in pain, sweating and expelling whatever I had consumed previously for about an hour, producing the most foulest smellls, sounds and sights. This was a bit of an issue as we had a desert safari to go to, but gratefully the pain and smells subsided enough for me to appear quite normal (albeit a bit pale).

Companies such as Kleenex, Huggies, Q-Tips, Kotex, Cottonelle, Colgate, Pantene, Imperial Leather and Rexona must be thrilled about the disgusting matter our bodies produce. In fact, Tupperware has also benefitted from being the brand of sick-bowl that I mostly grab and then of course, there is San Pellegrino water that I consume afterwards.

When you think about it, there are a lot of manufacturers which benefit from the gunk our bodies produce. Band-Aid products to stop bleeding, Ansell products as a contraceptive aid, Gilette products to keep unwanted hair at bay, Johnson and Johnson products for oral hygiene – the list goes on.

Human beings spend a lot of time and money trying to keep unwanted by-products of the natural body at bay. And thank goodness for that. If the smells, sights and sounds I was making in the toilet yesterday were anything to go by, I am grateful for the toilet tissues, tampons, deoderant, soap, water and air freshner available. Our world would be a very smelly place without these conveniences. I just wish at times more people got to know Rexona and Colgate products a little more, or at least Wriggley products!