Returning the favour

Yesterday I had the opportunity to treat my parents to a desert safari in Dubai. This excursion provided a glimpse of UAE living in times past. We got to go sand dune bashing, eat Arabic deserts, wear traditional costumes, partake in henna, watch a belly dancing show, ride on camels and enjoy a “hubbly bubbly” or shisha.

It was a great few hours. To see my father smile, I mean really smile and watch my mother giggle throughout the dune bashing filled me up. And then to share a shisha with my father and him comment on this amazing experience made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

It wasn’t a lavish event, but it was something different to their usual day to day lives and I am so glad that I got to spend the few hours together with them exploring and experiencing something new and exciting!

This was a memory I was able to create for my parents. Memories are big for me. My parents spent a lot of time and money creating memories for us three children and it is high time that we return the favour.

It wasn’t expensive, but I will forever remember the look of joy on my mother’s face and the sound of her giggling as we slid down the side of the dunes.

I love my parents so very much. It was such a thrill to give back to them some of what they have given me. There is still much more I want to do, but I know, no matter what, I will never be able to give back enough for all the love and lessons, advise and support that they have provided.

Thank you Mum and Dad….. xxxx