Second letter to my unborn one…

Hi again little one,

I thought about you again last night. I just wanted to let you know that you would be coming into two amazing families. Of course we are not a perfect bunch, but there is a whole lotta love between us. Your father’s side is a little opinionated, mainly your aunts and uncles. Unfortunately, this trait is also in your father. But, your paternal grandparents are avid water lovers and are fans of creating wonderful memories for their children and grandchildren. They are also the drinkers of the family (along with your maternal grandfather). They provide a lot of laughs and are a very intellectual bunch. They are born achievers. They are also hard workers. There is only one aunt in the immediate family and she owns a successful business with her husband. You will have four uncles all up. There is an IT specialist, a retail specialist, an accountant and a salesman.

Your maternal grandparents are a loving couple. They are very different people. Your maternal grandfather is an intellect. In fact, you could almost call him a genius, but unfortunately, where he has achieved in one area of life, he is not so good on the emotional and social side of life. He is also a bit eccentric, but he means well. Your maternal grandmother has wanted you to be born for 20 years now!! She wanted to be a grandmother when I was 16. I was hoping that you would be the first grandchild for them, but your maternal uncles beat me to it. In fact, this morning I got to see the foot of your niece who will be born in early April. It looks like she is going to be a tall girl!

So, if all goes well, you will get the intelligence of your father’s side and your maternal grandfather. You may also get the height from your father’s side.

A secret part of me hopes that you will be a boy. This will mean that you will be my parents first grandson. This will also mean that you will pass on my married surname. It is a unique surname. In fact, no one else in the world has it. I choose to go against tradition and adopted the double-barrelled surname. I am very proud of your maternal grandfather’s family tree. In fact, there is a book written about it. We were known in the 1600’s for bringing wheat to Scotland. It is a strong surname, and I hope that you will thank me for having your maternal grandfather’s name in your surname to lighten the blow of your father’s surname. I am sorry about that, but I am not sorry for bringing you into his family and gene pool.

I am now in my second month of preparing for IVF. It is getting a bit harder now. In fact, the UAE had completely sold out of one of the drugs I needed which meant I was without this for about a week. So now, I am doubling up. I am still having little side-effects from these drugs, but I am now grateful that I was able to find the drug I needed yesterday to counteract the harshness of the other drugs I am taking.

I have 12 working days left before I fly over to Australia for the IVF process. All up, 17 days. I am actually looking forward to it – which is a first 🙂

So little one, that is about it for now.

In reality, I don’t care what sex you are, if you appear that would be a massive gift. If you are healthy, that would be even better.

Mum x