31 Confessions

It’s confession time…. I have too many secrets in my head at the moment, that I need to get them down:

1. I  love another man other than my husband. This is a big one, but not something I am willing to pursue. It tears me apart regularly

2. I secretly wish my step-children would wish me a happy mother’s day

3. I am not sure which one I love the most, my Mum or my hubby

4. I wish work would turn around and a new CEO appointed

5. I think I am smarter than the CEO

6. I now think that my bi-sexual status was a choice rather than a born identity

7. I think about a different life regularly.

8. I wish my job title was author – I just need to finish my book before I die

9. I like living in Abu Dhabi more than I am willing to admit

10. I am desperately wanting a child, but can see a life beyond this

11. I wish I could speak Arabic

12. I have undergone a number of cosmetic surgery procedures

13. I like living separate lives on social media outlets

14. I am really looking forward to being a lady of leisure

15. I love my father but he drives me crazy

16. My past has had an enormous impact on my sexual life

17. I often wonder about my aborted child

18. I have been constantly on a diet since I was 16

19. I will not buy new clothes unless I am under a certain weight

20. I miss him (point 1) so very much, that it consumes me

21. I am not focussed on being a dive master right now as there is no good diving around Abu Dhabi

22. I love my niece more than I do my step-daughter

23. I do not think I am a very good friend, even though I know I am a very good person

24. I can write much better than I can speak

25. I do not like speaking on the phone much – though will write pages and pages of words to the question “How are you?” 🙂

26. I hate it when people do not respond to emails

27. I have a temper, but this is now mainly controlled as I have matured

28. I am a bad but safe driver

29. I find it difficult to get up in the mornings and go to work

30. I am a bit of a stalker

31. I much prefer online shopping than actually shopping in a mall.

I am now off to say my Hail Mary’s and seek forgiveness*


*This is not true. I am not a Catholic – I am though wanting to align with the  Baha’i faith.