Mine, Mine, Mine

I am going to state it upfront…. I am selfish with certain things. I say this as I am just about to embark on hopefully entering motherhood! Can you see the conundrum here? 🙂

I wouldn’t say I am a selfish person, but there are some things that I just can not easily part with.

My space and my time. These are two biggies. I love my space and my own time. As I was showering just a moment ago, I was thinking about how my space and time are really going to be “shared” when I go on my seven week trip to Australia. I will be living with my parents as well as my brother and sister-in-law.

If all else fails, I will book a room for a weekend just to get some time out to myself. But at least I will have a room to myself and of course my laptop, mobile phone and Ipad.

I am also selfish with my sleep. I am not one that likes to be woken up – by an alarm, a gentle shake, by a dog or any noise. (I keep going back to my conundrum!). I don’t even set an alarm for work – I will get to work when I get there. I need my sleep. Just ask the hubster what I am like when I don’t get enough beauty rest. There is not much beauty in a tired Jusmeh!

Most other things I am happy to share. Food, clothes, workload 🙂