Texas Tech Red Raiders – Flattery of Sycophants

I got this idea from Cribbings in her post In a Little Red Barn.

The idea is to come up with your album name, title and image by using some very easy and simple techniques.

  • Go to Wikipedia. Click on Random Page. This is your band’s name.
  • Choose a number between 3 and 7, inclusive. Go to Google searching for Random Quotes. Randomly click on an entry on the first page, and once on the page, go down the number you picked. That’s your quote. Choose consecutive words anywhere in that quote equal to the number you picked. That’s your album title.
  • Go to Google again and insert the words you didn’t use for your album title. Search for images. Choose the third picture on page 2. That’s your album pic.
  • Go to Picnik. Edit together your picture, band name and album title. There’s your album cover!


I really like my album cover name, title and image. What do you think?