A mother’s love….

Mum, hubster and IMy mother is my best friend. She is someone who has loved me unconditionally, no matter what. Trust me, I really tested this! I am very close to my mother – not in distance, not in the “gotta-call-my-mother-every-day” kind of way, but in a personal, deep feeling way. I’ve never told her this, but I could quite easily live with her (and of course the hubster) and be very happy. My besties and I (whoop whoop). She is my number one supporter. Today, I would like to point out why my mother is awesome and why I love her so much!

 1. She is gentle yet strong

My mother is one of those people who will go out of their way to do anything for anyone. You just need to ask. She has the heart of an angel. She is the first person who will drop whatever is going on in her life, to be there for her friends and family. She hasn’t had an easy road though. Life has been quite tough for her at times, but she dug her heels in and never given up. Oh, I know she wanted to…. but gratefully, the challenges my mother has faced along the way has made her one strong, determined woman. Challenges are only hurdles in the direction my mother wants to go.Kirstie Alley hot and not

2. She has embraced herself, scars and all

Mum, like me, was given her body shape from her mother, who got it from her mother and so on. This recent photo shows the pear shape we both have. It means we have curves. Junk in our trunk. Thunder thighs. With maintenance, and I mean a whole lot of maintenance, it can be a hot looking Kirstie Alley type of body, but we also know that without the maintenance, the hot looking Kirstie Alley can easily morph into something else. Both Mum and I have struggled with our weight, but eventually we found happy ground. Not perfect, with many parts we would like to change, but happy ground.

I think that the hardest situation my mother ever had to face however was the scars and abnormalities left on her face from a horrific car accident. For years, as a child I watched my mother apply make-up. I remember thinking she was the most beautiful woman on earth. Now, each morning, she is greeted with the reminder of a car accident which has taken away some of the external beauty. She eventually accepted that it wasn’t the make-up that made her beautiful, but the experiences that life provides, even if they bring scars along with them.

3. She forgives easily

Due to her gentle and kind nature, my mother has been taken advantage of many a time. I put my hand up, me included. Very rarely did I ever see her hold a grudge. I have seen my mother distraught, broken-hearted by the cruelty of people. I have heard her speak ill of others, but lo and behold, she will be beside them again, lending a helping hand and expressing her genuine care. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is not stupid, far from it. She knows that she is being taken advantage of in some situations, she just doesn’t care. She is a forgiving person and if people can not appreciate that, that is their problem, not hers. She is a living example of how a person can not be happy if they hold on to a grudge or to anger.This brings me to point four.

4. She giggles, a lot

From an outsider’s point of view, someone would think my mother is the happiest person on the planet. She is forever laughing and giggling. She laughs at the most lamest of jokes (and trust me, she has heard a few), the stupidest of stories and even when she is nervous she giggles. THEY say, a smile is a powerful weapon. My mother’s smile, laugh and giggle can melt the hardest of hearts. I love the fact that my mum will laugh at the most silliest things, even when life throws her lemons.

5. She knows who she is

Mum is not one to follow trends or to try to fit into a scene. She is just her. Mum rarely drinks, she is not a shopper, she is not “into” the latest fashion, she is just her. Mum knows who she is and nothing will change that. I have seen Mum feel alone, left out and isolated because she doesn’t feel like she belongs. She is not going to change though and good on her. Obviously whoever disapproves or leaves her out does not know the diamond that they have in their presence. Shame on them. Mum, continue being “just you” – you are worth so much more than the shallow people who would prefer you to be different!

6. She is trusting

If you were to ask Mum, she would say without a doubt that she is gullible. I would say she is very trusting. Unfortunately I broke that trust when I was a horrible teenage girl. I told lie after lie after lie and Mum believed me. It wasn’t until she caught me out that she had her suspicions, but even then, she would much prefer to trust me than think I would lie to her. You could tell my mother most anything and she would believe you. Once again, this is not because she is a sandwich short of a picnic, it is because she has no reason to think why you would lie. I unfortunately am too skeptical and am too quick to think ill of others, but my mother’s spirit would much prefer to think the best in people.

7. She is a cheerleader (and makes you think she is a cheer squad)

Behind every great daughter, husband, son, friend etc is my Mum. I can not comprehend how much my mother supports and believes in others. If ever you need a pick-me-up, call my mother. She knows exactly the right words to say to get you feeling 100 dollars again, to get you motivated. She has this uncanny way of getting right to the point of knowing what is missing and providing that missing piece (or at least the answer to the missing piece). Whatever I have wanted to do, there is my mother cheering me on. Even when what I wanted seemed impossible (well especially when what I wanted seemed impossible). When everyone else has given up, my mother is still cheering and her one-woman team can sometimes feel like a whole cheer squad.

8. She buys the best gifts

Mum is a trinket buyer. She drives my father crazy with the little purchases she makes, but I love these little gifts she gives. In fact, some of my most favourite gifts and those she has given me. My angle box (which sits on my bedside table), my 2012 calendar about a mother’s love for her daughter and my fridge magnet about the relationship between a mother and daughter. Femininity and warmth are needed in girls and my mother provides just that in her gifts.

9. She is humble

As much as I think my mother is awesome, she will pooh-pooh the idea with her little hand swiping against the wind. Mum does not have an ego – at all. She is very grateful for everything she has, she does not spend up big and as long as I can remember, is happy just to be with the ones she loves. Mum doesn’t need five-star hotels, a campsite would be fine. She doesn’t need 24 red roses, the flowers in the bush make her much happier. Mum loves nature – the natural side of life. She is in fact happy to sit on a bench inside a shopping mall and people watch. Fish and chips on the beach is more romantic than dinner at a michelin-star restaurant for my mother (and much more relaxing).

10. She waves goodbye until you are out of sight

Whenever we catch up, Mum is like an excited child, bouncy and full of energy – it makes you feel really welcome. Saying goodbye is always difficult, but my mother makes this process much more easy by waving goodbye until you are out of sight. I have lost count the number of times my heart has imploded as I have looked back in the rear view mirror watching my mother wave and wave and wave. It makes me just want to reverse! Saying goodbye at the airport is bloody difficult – I just never know when exactly I will see her again. I have to try really hard to keep the waterworks at bay, but as Mum or I enter customs, I know I can look back or see Mum waving.

My love for my mother is immense.  The waterworks have just started flowing (and I am at work) so I better stop here. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful amazing mother in my life.