I’ve still got “it”

The other day I wore my favourite work dress. It is a bit risqué for this part of the world, but it always makes me feel good whenever I wear it. It is a Karen Walker wrap silk dress which is mainly black with red cherries, white dots and a red silk trim. I have been looking for a photo online of the dress, but it is probably too out of season to be shown anymore 🙂

I love it though. It always makes me feel like a woman (Go Shania)…. Not just a woman though, a sexy, classy woman. I always get a comment on this dress whenever I wear it, but I need to be feeling good within myself to wear it in the first place! It shows a bit of the leg 🙂

Well, the other day, I got a comment from my male friend about me looking good, but I also caught the eye of a male colleague giving me the once over and a bit of a whistle on his lips. Talk about a nice ego boost!!

Not only that, I then went shopping after work, and while in the shop, there was a man buying some grocery items. On one side of him was me and on the other, a very attractive woman who looked a bit like a brunette Mischa Barton. The guy didn’t know where to look. I bet he was thinking that he should do the shopping more often!! 🙂

As a middle-aged woman, I’ve still got “it” …. and I am pretty happy with that too!

P.S. This is the only photo I could find that looks like the dress I refer to… it is the red one in the right top corner: