One of those days…

Today has been one of those days. You know the ones. When life throws you a curve ball. When you face plant straight into reality after spending too much time with your feet off the ground! Yep, life outstretched her arm, opened her hand and slapped me hard in the face today.

After a weekend of scuba diving I was dog-tired but I sat through one extra series of Californication than I should have before stumbling into bed. I awoke with five minutes left on the clock before I needed to head off to work. So I raced through my morning duties, sped along the highway and at 9am chuckled out loud as I thought to myself; another late start. Two minutes later I found myself calling the police and reporting my accident.

You see… right outside the office a truck was parked offloading water. On one side of the truck was my bosses car and the other side a car was parked vertical to the truck.

I therefore slowed down and thinking there was enough side between my bosses car and the truck inches forward before BANG!! I hit the left hand back corner of the truck! In hind sight the damage to my car would have been less had I have hit the bosses car, though not too sure if I would reach my one year in the organization as planned!

Shaken, I parked the car and spoke to the truck driver who was quite happy to carry on, as there was no damage to the truck. But the hubster wanted a police report and therefore the accident was called in.

One hour later I had the police report in my hand. Now… Just prior to the accident I had an urgent desire to use the toilet. Those following my posts (thanks Mum) would know that I have had some serious number two issues lately. Ironically, this disappeared until half way through the management meeting I had to go straight into after receiving the accident report.

I was wondering while I was in tot whether they would notice I had been out of the meeting so long, but thankfully nothing was said.

The meeting wasn’t too bad, but perhaps I have just lowered my standards. There is still no definite answer regarding the future of the organization, apart to say that salaries are secure for April.

After leaving work, I thought I would get back onto the dukan diet and get some fresh meat for dinner. One minute after leaving, the car notifies me that there is no pressure in the front right tyre, the side which hit the truck. Dayum! I put on the hazards and roll the car to the nearest petrol station. After finding the tyre pressure gauge I notice there is a very deep rip in the tyre. Now these tyres are for a four-wheel drive. The hubster wants the exact same ones. Unfortunately, this service station only provides Michelin tyres. They can however call in for the required tyre. 1,600 dirhams later – they book the tyre. Now… All I need to do is wait! One hour later the tyre is fitted. I am in no mood to cook. There goes dukan! Hello McDonald’s!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I am grateful though for many things today… The fact I get to see tomorrow is one of them. The fact that the hubster cared only about me, drive-through McDonald’s, 24-hour service stations, the fact we have the money to get a 1,600 dirham tyre…. To name a few more!