You were right….

Dear Mr Dukan and Atkins,

There is no denying it, carbohydrates and this body of mine do not mix well. I don’t know why I tested it these past few days after having such success. Lets just say that the mouth-watering smells coming out of the kitchen of Colonel Sanders and Mr King’s burgers were almost impossible to refuse. I say almost as for a brief second I did feel a pang of guilt as I placed my order for a slab of potato, fat and bread. The guilt was only for a second though as I closed my eyes and savoured the taste of a whopper with cheese, mixed with salty, crispy fries, upsized of course. You would be pleased however that I did order the diet coke, I didn’t go the full-blast sugar version.

As I jumped on the scales this morning, I thought of your words of advise. I know I have let you and this body down, but I don’t give up. Oh no! It is pure proteins for the next few days. I promise to banish Mr Sanders and Mr King from my diet for a least another two months as we aim for that goal again.

Forgive me, for I am but a mere mortal. I have learnt from my mistake and will again fill my fridge with meat and eggs.