And life goes on…

Have you ever noticed that no matter what, life has a funny way of just going on.

I remember as a young girl thinking that life would stop if my best friend and I had a fight. As I got older I still fought with my friends, but it was no longer a life-stopping drama. What took up most of my heart-stopping decisions then was finding a job, paying my bills and having a relationship.

Even when my adored one dumped me for another girl and I wanted life to stop, it continued pressing on.

Then my beloved grandfather passed away. His life stopped, but time kept ticking by. How I wanted to put life on hold then. Every clock in the world should have stopped the day this wonderful man died. But life continued to happen despite my attempts to stop it.

Now I have accepted that no matter what life goes on. I actually am grateful for this. I now know no matter what, no matter life’s curve balls, the hard times and the hard decisions that I will need to make…. Life will go on and one day in the future, today’s trials and tribulations will pale.

As I face another round of IVF I know that despite the outcome, life will go on.

I am happy where I am in life. A child may make me happier, but the secret is knowing that if it it is not meant to be, life will go on. Best to take the best of what life offers and move on with it!