Oh Lord won’t you buy me….

My birthday is coming up. If I ignore the fact that I am slowing inching my way to really being a middle-aged woman (what age is that by the way?) it means a beautiful present from the hubster.

Like two love-struck teenagers, it has always been our tradition to buy one another something impressive for gifts. Usually the hubster will buy technological gifts. The type of gift that I didn’t really know how much I would want it until I got it.

For my 30th birthday he bought me a Digital SLR camera. For my 31st birthday it was a Tag Heuer dive watch. I have also received an Apple Mac laptop, Ipad 2, Ipod, Ipod touch. Thankfully Apple continue to update their products quicker than I age!

This year however, the hubster has a challenge. The pink D4i (integrated diving computer by Suunto) can not be found in Abu Dhabi. As such, he has agreed to buy me a silver bracelet.

God knows what I am going to get. I don’t even know what type of bracelet that I am looking for – apart from it being silver. I actually feel sorry for the hubster with this gift. He must be crapping himself with fear. I know that the hubster will spend big. That is what he does. But oh Lord… I could quite easily end up with something like this:

Now I do not want to offend anyone. This is just not my style. I am hoping though that after nine years the hubster knows what my style is…. even when at times I don’t.

I am not holding my breath though and I of course will follow up on this blog.

On top of this pressure – it is our seven-year anniversary soon too. We follow tradition for these gifts which happens to be wool and copper.

This one was easy for me. I have arranged to buy the hubster a tailor-made woollen suit. It will ever have his name engraved on the inside of the jacket pocket!

What can I expect with this gift from him? Ugg boots?

I truly do feel sorry for the man. We have ended up putting so many rules around gifts which doesn’t allow for much space to move. Anniversary gifts for example need to be personal – they can not be for the home or car etc.

Oh Lord won’t you help him buy me these gifts. Take it away Janice….

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz