Just a drop…

It is just past the witching hour, or as I like to refer to it, the twitching hour and here I am at 3:06am in the morning blogging!

Why you may ask? Well… that is a very good question. You see officer it goes like this…..

Last night, after work, I finally got out the funk I was in and reached a level of excitement that called for a drink. Now, I am not too sure when the transition took place, whether it was when I turned on my out-of-office setting on the work computer, or after I finally decided to pack for the seven week stint in Oz.

Either way, the hubster and I agreed that for our last night together (for a little while), we would go out to a local restaurant. Now to feed my urge to have a drink, I ordered a glass of champagne. I won’t go into the finer details, but will say that the hubster had finished his beer long before the champagne glass arrived at the table. As a result, I was quite thirsty and decided to order a glass of wine also.

*Side note: I must make a note to self, that it is best just to ask for water when thirsty in future*

*Side note to the side note – Done*

Right, sorry officer, I got a bit side tracked. Just like Dug in the movie Up! when he sees a squirrel. I love this movie. Actually, I love a lot of animated movies, which can be quite embarrassing for a middle-aged woman.

Damn…. I am so easily distracted 🙂

Getting back to the initial story. I need to let you know that in June last year, I gave up the booze. You see, alcohol and my medications do not mix. For some strange reason, my body chemistry thinks I have had 10 glasses of wine, when in fact, I have only had one. And while most drinkers have all got a little story to tell of the embarrassing things they have done while inebriated, my stories are not so little. In fact, my drinking has had a negative affect on my relationship with the hubster. So, I decided to give it away.

It hasn’t been easy. Even the hubster misses his drinking partner from time to time and last night I gave in. It only took two glasses and I was a bumbling mess.

The issue is, that when I get this way, the urge for more alcohol increases. And I saw my opportunity and duck-dived, like an Eagle attacking its prey, which happened to be the poor hubster.

You see officer, the man has had one of those weeks and while we were at dinner, his boss called him about a major work issue. During this phone call, I could tell that the hubster was being torn to shreds for an incident that his department is partly to blame for. So, what is an inebriated girl to do when seeing her loved one treated this way? Order the man a drink of course. Double scotch on the rocks for the him, and a Cointreau on ice for me please.

Ahhhhh Cointreau. Your sweet nectar of the Gods is poison to my veins. You are my drug. Just like Pringles – once I pop (just a drop), I can’t stop! Ohhhh – new slogan? (Squirrel!!)

So, what does a girl who hasn’t had a drink in nine and a half months do? Order some cigarettes of course!! This is despite the fact that I don’t smoke. For some strange reason, last night I decided that it would be cool to have a Cointreau and not just one, but three cigarettes!!!

Go figure.

All I can say is shame, shame, shame!

The hubster jumped in before I could order my third Cointreau and drove me home where upon I stumbled into bed. It was at 2am when I awoke from my alcohol-infused sleep, in a pool of sweat and hanging for water. It is 39 degrees at the moment. The Middle Eastern summer is about to start.

And as is my way, whenever I have had a bender, I can not get back to sleep once I arise from my passed-out slumber. Additionally, the fact I am leaving Abu Dhabi today does not allow for my mind to rest.

So officer, judge me as you will, sentence me for my crime and I will do the time.

While I would love to say, I will never drink again, I know that I will not commit to this. I am glad that these drinking episodes only happen once or twice a year now, not once or twice a week. But I will state this in my defence officer: I am about to embark on a month of IVF treatment and if successful, hopefully a nine-month pregnancy. During which, alcohol will be the furthermost thing on my mind.