Plans in the making….

Dear Little One,

I am now in Perth, Australia and making plans for you to start your life with me. Yesterday I went to the IVF Clinic and was there for about two hours! I firstly had an ultrasound to ensure all was fine with my ovaries, uterus and endometrius. Fortunately there were no cysts or fibroids – see it was all systems go.

The Doctor is very happy with my progression and the fact that I have been able to source all of the required medication in Abu Dhabi. I now have another week to go before he takes me off the pill and we wait for my monthly cycle. This is considered Day 1 of the IVF treatment, with Day 2 being the day when I will start the actual IVF drugs.

Today, just to be sure that all bases are covered, I went to see my psychiatrist also. It was a very good meeting. He suggested that I stay on the anti-depressants even though I wanted to come off them, as they will assist should this round of IVF fail and, I will not be able to take the Lamotrigine throughout the pregnancy. As such, it will be the only mood stabiliser.

I didn’t realise that Lamotrigine was linked to cleft palettes in babies and therefore it was agreed that we would take the risk of coming off it while pregnant. If I can get past the first trimester without any cyclical swings in mood, then we should be home safe.

The only concern my little one, is that you will probably have some withdrawal from the anti-depressant after the umbilical cord is cut. This should last for 24 to 48 hours and then everything should settle down. I am sorry about this little bean, but let me tell you now, it is best to have a stabilised mummy as much as possible. I really don’t want you to see or feel my cyclical moods.

So now it is just waiting. I hope to get some scuba diving in soon before I will have to give it up for a while. I am still taking the HGH, DHEA, Elevit, pill and folate tablets.

Believe it or not, after Day 7 the fertility doctor is going to add another drug to the list of what I will be taking. So, I will not only feel like a pin cushion from the daily injections and regular blood tests, but I will be a pill-popping junkie!

Well, I can’t wait to meet you.

Hopefully I will hear that you have entered my uterus in early to mid May.

Speak again soon.

Mummy xx