My solitaire secret

Let me say up front that I am not writing about my one and only secret in this blog. As my followers would all know, there is much more than one. What I refer to on my title of this blog is solitaire, the card-came, usually played by one person with the aim of getting out all the cards in numerical and suite (aces, spades, diamonds and clubs) order.

The secret, my avid followers is that I have used this game of chance and luck as a fortune teller to make big life choices. If I got all the cards out, the answer was yes and of course if I didn’t the answer was no.

This fortune-telling skill of solitaire became quite an art after all answers revealed by the cards proved to be true. That is until I asked one of the most important questions of the lot; will the hubster and I have a baby. Every time, and so far I think there have been about 15 times I have asked this, the answer is no.

So, last night I decided to test the validity of my solitaire fortune-teller. My question was simple; do you always tell the truth? Lo and behold, the answer was no.

I am relieved as I would love for the hubster and I to be parents very soon, but I was also devastated. I threw my IPhone down in disgust. I felt so betrayed. Of course, I knew I was only betraying myself! But it was nice to think for at least a little while that I had a tool to use in order to make significant predictions about my future.

Now, I feel a little lost. What was once a trustworthy and reliable source of information is now a devious liar. We all need someone to help us look for answers don’t we? Whether it be a person, God, the horoscopes or what, it is always nice too think we can cheat our way in knowing what lies ahead.

Oh well, back to waiting and seeing I guess *sigh*