It’s time for freedom…

Schapelle Corby hit the news after being arrested in Bali, Indonesia in 2004. Whether she is guilty, was framed or was completely innocent, I don’t think we will ever know for sure, but what is known is that there is one main reason Schapelle Corby is serving time in Kerobokan Jail; for having 4.2kg of marijuana in her boogie-bag. That is it. There is no footage in either Brisbane or Bali airports, there is no fingerprints, there is no other evidence. In fact, I would argue, should the case have been heard in Australia, it would have been thrown out due to inadmissible evidence. In addition to this, there would be no way Schapelle, as a first time offender would have received the eight years that will soon be coming up for this crime.

Eight years would be bad enough in an Australian jail – let alone in a third world country.

There are claims that Schapelle is now majorally depressed and possible psychotic. Once again, there are the doubters out there and once again, I would argue that the point is not whether this is true or not, but that it’s high time for some leniency.

Let’s bring her home. Whether or not she serves the rest of her sentence in Australia or is set free, I think it is time. She has done her crime. There is no way Schapelle would be the same bright and bubbly 27-year-old the day she was arrested. Living in such conditions as in Hotel K, has got to have taken its toll. The time has been done for this crime.

With today’s news that Schapelle could be set free within weeks, I pray that she gets this chance for freedom.

The case around her may smell suspicious with some family members linked to drugs, but it’s really time. Enough is enough. Bring this Aussie home so she can have some sort of ‘normal’ life with what is left.

I can not help but notice the demise in her appearance in the news article today. Gone is the look of youth and hope.

Schapelle, I hope get that taste of freedom soon. I hope that the media can give you your life back eventually and I hope that you have the baby you are so longing to have.