A tear for a life that could have been…

My colleague decided to terminate her baby. This has angered me and saddened me. I firstly feel sorry for her. She has a lot to deal with, including the shame she will carry for a long time. I then feel sorry for the life that could have been. This life was a gift, it was not meant to be a burden. This little life has been taken oh so quickly, before it was even given a chance. I finally feel sorry for me and all the other women I know who would give anything to fall pregnant. The women who are paying thousands of hard-working dollars to go through IVF or who can’t even afford to undertake this process and therefore live in silent pain.

I can tell she is hurting. She didn’t want to abort the child. Her husband didn’t want to keep it. She is currently angry and I wonder how this will affect their marriage.

Oh Habiba, I would have looked after the baby for you. This life could have brought happiness to a couple willing to do anything to bring a child into their lives.

Oh little one, I prayed for you. I prayed that your mummy and daddy could have worked things out. I am sorry little one.

Oh women like me, forgive her, and continue to pray and hope that one day your little one will lighten your world and your hearts.

Oh God, her Allah, whatever path you have for my colleague now, please do not be too harsh. Guide her and direct her back into your heart and into her faith. I do not know what lies ahead God. I can not help but wonder whether this man is best for her. It would appear that he has taken her off her path towards you. Away from her family and away from her religion.

God, Allah – please direct both Habiba and her husband back towards you.

Please also give me the strength and courage to forgive while moving forward with my own plans. Please hear my prayers.

Saltwater wells in my eyes