She’s here….

My niece arrived today. 7:20pm today in fact. A big bundle of joy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. And when I say big, let me say, 8 pound 15 ounces or just over 4 kilograms!!! She is also 52cms. There is no doubt she is my brother’s. Her facial features are just like his, she has his height and he was a big baby too!

It was such a lovely feeling waiting in the lounge of the hospital to hear the news that she had arrived. This little (big) bundle is about to change the dynamics of our family and of course her parents. We don’t know her name yet, but I can not wait to know what to call her other than baby. I could feel in the air all the hopes and dreams each one of us had for her future, this unknown little one.

She apparently had a traumatic birth and had respiratory problems, which meant she needed to be put into an incubator, but she is apparently fine now.

I didn’t get to see her, but I did see a photo! I know I am supposed to be better than this, but I am going to be honest, she is not a pretty baby. I hope she gets some of her mother’s looks soon. Poor girl. When I heard that she was going to be tall, I instantly thought model. Her mother has such an Audrey Hepburn look, but is just only past 5 feet, so I was hoping she would get the best of both worlds….. there is still time! 🙂

Regardless of all this, I am so grateful that she is healthy. I don’t think it was an easy birth for Mum either, but I am so glad that they are both well and their beautiful future together has now started.


P.S. I won the tipping competition. I guessed her due date and was closest to her weight!!

I know it sounds strange, but I feel close to her already!