Day 3: Stimulation Day.

There is a saying in the infertility circles, that  “all IVF begins on day 3”. This means that in order to get the maximum stimulation (and thus the maximum number of quality eggs), the stimulatory phase of an IVF cycle must begin on the third day of the menstrual cycle.

I feel as though I have been undergoing IVF since 5 January when I first had my appointment with the doctor in order to determine the best timing and process for the hubster and I. Since then, I have been on extra supplementary medication, but in reality, my IVF treatment started to. I have gone from pre-IVF treatment into the actual IVF treatment.

I am going to have an antagonist ivf cycle, which is similar to my previous two treatments. My first two treatments were down-regulation cycles.

In the past, both cycle have resulted in similar results, with around 15 to 20 eggs produced. This time however, I am on the highest dosage, due to my age. I will be having daily injections of 187.5iu of Gonal F. This will be followed by orgalutran injections of 0.5mm. I have never had Orgalutran, previously using pregnyl, but I do have trust in my doctor. (Who by the way is pretty cute!)

Today I also swapped over my human growth hormone from genotropin to omnitrope. It is all under the category of somatropin, but it is another new factor to consider when diagnosing any side effects I may be having.

To date; there has been none. My body has reacted to all the medication as it should. The results of my blood test yesterday showed all hormone levels at baseline and therefore my system is ready (along with my head and my heart!)

So Gonal F, stimulate me 🙂 We have two more days of injections before I go in for monitoring to see how things are progressing.