Day 6: Jabba Jabba and Monitoring Day

I had my first ultrasound scan of my uterus and endometrium since starting the IVF process today. All is going relatively smoothly, a little quick and slight scarily.

My scan showed 10 follicles developing. Three of which are already half way to the size the doctors are wanting (2mm) with 1 x 1cm 1 x 1.1cm and 1 x 1.2cm in my left ovary with three other smaller ones and four smaller ones in my right ovary.

The gynaecologist, Dr. Neville Phillips (who is my favourite gynaecologist in the world), told me that my ovaries and working very hard and that I needed to keep up the water intake. He said I would probably be feeling dehydrated and having some headaches – which is true, but I thought it was from drinking too much as these are similar signs of a hangover!!

Dr. Phillips also said that he thinks that by Wednesday next week, I might be ready for my trigger injection!!! That is really quick. I was thinking around 25 April. If this IS the case, I could have my egg collection and fertilisation on my birthday – which would be pretty cool πŸ™‚

I also had to give blood today. That was a process! The nurse had troubles getting the blood out of my vein and had to keep trying different angles in order to try to extract it.

I have just received my results. All is okay and I have to start my orgalutran injection today. Making it three injections from now onwards! I am feeling slightly bloated and could not believe how hard it was to get the Orgalutran needle in my bloated belly!! I had to try about five times!! The needle seems very blunt compared to the Gonal F and Omnitrope.

Anyhoo – the slightly scary news is that my Progesterone levels are slightly higher than what they should be at the moment. Apparently they are meant to be at mark 5 and mine are at mark 6. Now, from my Google researching, I can see that Progesterone levels change throughout the day and therefore it can quite easily decrease next text, but of course, I am a bit worried. What does all this mean? Apparently the reasons most women have higher Progesterone levels are because they have ovulated, are pregnant or have cysts.

I can not think that any of these three things are possible, but then again anything is possible.

I think it was the higher level of Progesterone which caused the spotting this morning 😦

Back in for monitoring on Monday.