Day 8: Tears, Tenderness and an injection of urine from pregnant women…

I had my first teary day since undertaking this round of IVF today. It was when I was giving my update on the results of today’s scan to the hubster. My endometrium has not grown as much as it should. We are aiming for 8mm and mine has grown from 4.4mm on Day 6 to 4.6mm today.

I now have 14 follicles, but only four are now 1cm and over. The three on my left ovary have grown from 1cm, 1.1cm and 1.2cm to 1.3cm, 1.4cm and 1.5cm. I also have four smaller ones. My right ovary has been very active in the past two days with seven follicles now – 1x 1cm, the rest are all smaller.

The progress is slow. But slow and steady.

I have been feeling really sick today. I have had lots of diahorrea and I have been very nauseous, to the point I thought I was actually going to throw up.

I was able to speak to the hubster today at lunchtime. It is our 7th wedding anniversary. I miss him so much. It is really hard going through all this and not having him here. He jumps on the plane tonight and arrives at 5:30pm tomorrow. I CANNOT wait!!

Just after speaking with him, the nurse at the clinic contacted me and asked me to come back in for another injection! This time of Pregnyl. According to “Plan the Fam” Pregnyl is human formulation of hCG that is obtained from the urine of pregnant women since it is secreted by the placenta during pregnancy. It is usually used as a luteinizing hormone replacement.

My luteinizing hormone is low due to the Orgalutran. Apparently it is quite normal – so nothing to worry about.

So I have had my dose of urine from pregnant women!!! Apparently I will need to have another one on Wednesday. Isn’t science an amazing thing?

I thought that they would increase my Gonal F injections, but they have decided to keep it the same.

Feeling a little bit better now. Looking forward to hugs from the hubster.