A date with the hubster

It has been 18 days since I last saw the hubster. He arrives in Perth in about six hours! I am like a teenage girl on her first date. I’ve got my special clothes on. My hair is all done up. I am feeling super excited. Even after seven years of marriage, my husband can get me jumping out of my skin to see him!!Β 

Can you believe my luck though? I have a cold sore! Poor hubster, no kisses 😦  Oh well, it could be worse.

We have a busy few days ahead. He is catching up with old colleagues, we have our anniversary dinner booked in at a restaurant which has been on our bucket list for a while now. We also have my birthday celebrations, our friends’ birthday celebrations, catching up with our diving buddies, seeing our rental house and of course, seeing his new niece! Before we know it, he will be turning around again and heading back 😦

Oh well, you know what they say, one day at a time.

Through all of this, I will also be having my appointments at the clinic for our IVF. I am hoping that he will be here to give me my trigger injection. He will have to come into the clinic with me as well as he is required to do a blood test.

I am feeling bouncy bouncy….. oh wait….. my first cramp for today! Hello follicles. I haven’t felt any symptoms before now. I hope you are all comfortable. Seven follicles on each ovary – all fighting for room and for a drink of the Gonal F and Orgalutron I have been injecting. Well, drink up boys and girls.

Back to feeling bouncy.. BOING BO-ING. I feel a bit like I am on a natural pogo stick today. Listening to 1950’s love songs, particularly to Doris Day. My morning started with: “A tea for two and two for tea” La di dah di dah di dah!! I have pasted the link hereΒ Enjoy!

Isn’t love a wonderful thing? xxx