Letter to my Grandfather (RIP)

Hey Pop,

I am currently staying in the room you were in at my parent’s house before you passed away. The room still has a lot of your belongings in it and I can feel your presence around me.

I love you lots, I never said it enough to you. 

I thought I would let you know that your youngest grandson is now a daddy! Can you believe it? You have a great-granddaughter now and I think she is pretty great! She looks like Allen and we both know he looks like his father (your son) who, well looks like you. So your genes are being handed down throughout the generations.

I am trying to pass on your genes too. I am now going through my fifth ivf. If my child has an eighth of your personality he/she will be a wonderful person.

The hubster is coming over from Abu Dhabi to Perth today. I know how much you liked him. I was really glad you got to see me get married and that you gave your blessings. It meant a lot to me. I will never forget how you sat him down and talked about your time in the war; a topic you found it difficult to share with your immediate family. That meant a lot to Shannon. He will always feel so blessed to have been the chosen one that you shared this part of your life with. Shannon is a bit like that – he is a great listener…. Shannon’s goal is to be like you. You definitely made your mark on the people who loved you. I found out the other day that the day you passed away, was the first time Allen cried in the past five years.

I am making my peace with my father and older brother. You were right, my father does have a great family. I think he misses you; my father that is. You were the gentle one Pop. You truly were a gentleman. It is a trait that is rare in our family, but Shannon has quite a lot of this trait, as does Allen.

Your son is really turning around. He has lost a lot of his impatience and short-fuse. I think you would be pretty proud of him. Your first grandson is doing very well. He is about to celebrate his sixth wedding anniversary with Jill. They are building a brand new house. It is massive! We didn’t get your humble nature! In fact all of your grandchildren now live in very palacious houses.

I wish I could give you a hug. I hope that you are happy and enjoying heaven with your wife. Every now and then I can feel you watching over me. Thank you. I feel sometimes that you are my messenger to God. Don’t worry, you never scare me, your presence is very peaceful. Feel free to drop by whenever.

Love you lots.


Me xxx