Day 10: Pins and Needles

Day 10 of IVF! I still have 14 follicles – but they are getting bigger! My three stars on my left are growing, now 1.5cm, 1.6cm and 1.7cm. I also have two at 1cm and 1 smaller. On the right ovary is 2 x 1.4cm, 2 x 1.2cm 1 x 1cm and 2 smaller.

The great news is that my endometrium has almost doubled in size!! Big smiley face. In two days, it has gone from 4.6cm to 7.3cm! Everything is going well. The nurses thought that I would need to give myself the trigger injection today, which I personally thought was a bit early, but they were worried about me ovulating naturally and losing them. As it happened, the Medical Director disagreed with the nurses point of view and I will be giving myself the trigger injection on Saturday (well, hopefully the hubster will!). This all means that egg collection will take place on Monday (and fertilisation!) Monday is my brother’s wedding anniversary. He and Jill are heading off to Bali on Saturday and have just started packing.

Today, I also had to take another Pregnyl injection, due to the lower LH on Day 8. All hormone levels were fine today though.

Last night I had this strange feeling of pins and needles from the inside of my belly, pushing outwardly. I have also had some minor cramping again today.

I got to experience and wonderful Aunty moment with my niece today, giving her her bottle. The whole time I gave the bottle to her, she just looked straight at me. It was like she was taking me all in. It was such a wonderful bonding moment. I am in love with her!   She is getting cuter by the day. Shannon got to have a hold today too. It was so good to see my man with a baby. He got all teary!!

Later on today, I also had acupuncture with a IVF specialist. He was so good! I found the whole process very relaxing. In fact, I have been feeling like I could go to sleep any moment ever since he punctured(!) me 🙂

He was very good. I recommend this to all women going through IVF. It is good for blood flow, relaxation and eliminating that dreaded stress!

So it was a day of pins and needles, scans and medication, love and cuddles.

Talking of love…. it’s great having the hubster here 😉