Day 11: Putting it all aside for love

Day 11! No scans, no blood tests, no monitoring! I am free for the day. So today, I am putting it all aside for love. 

Any woman who has undergone IVF will know that your life quickly becomes focussed on medication, injections, progesterone, estrogen, follicle counts, ultrasounds and symptoms. One thing I know I am guilty of, and it is easily done, is that we forget that there is another significant person that is involved in the process: our partner! Even though their input into the process is limited (let’s face it, we have been chosen to undertake this process for a reason) they are still a very important part. Another important part of the process is love.

I am going to state the obvious here: Undertaking IVF is stressful. To counteract this stress, we need love, laugher and fun. Sometimes we get too caught up in the process that we forget that ordinarily it is love that makes a baby.

Remember the olden days, when a newly wed couple would go on their honeymoon and weeks afterwards would announce her pregnancy. She was full of love AND more importantly, she was relaxed. Remember the army-wives whose husband would only visit for a number of days on his leave and weeks later was pregnant? It didn’t matter when in her cycle she was, it was love that created this baby.

So today, I am putting it all aside and having a day full of love, laughter and fun with the hubster. I am forgetting that I feel like a beached whale, shaving my legs (yes again, remember the Yeti post?), taking off the big girl panties (don’t knock it until you feel the way I feel!), putting up the hair, wearing a sexy outfit and going out for a night on town with my man.

It is time for mad, passionate and extraordinary love! It is time for my heart to smile completely, and potentially for my uterus to feel that mad, passionate, extraordinary love and that complete smile!

Love. It is what makes the world go round. Love. When you look into someones eyes and see their heart. Mad, passionate, extraordinary love!