Day 12: Birthday Wishes

That’s right peeps! It’s my birthday. Another year older. I feel so blessed to be celebrating this significant day for me with my immediate family (including my 12 day old niece!) 🙂

The hubster surprised me with a beautiful white gold bracelet and regardless of my fears, was able to choose a beautiful bangle that is me all over! I will post a picture of it one of these days.

He also bought me a keyboard to my Ipad so I can type my book out on that now as well as the computer. He is a sweetie.

I received my information today from the clinic regarding my trigger injection and egg collection.Tomorrow morning will be the last day of the Gonal F and Orgalutran injections. I will then take 10,000 units of Pregnyl at 8:30pm tomorrow. On Sunday, between 3 and 4pm I need to take a suppository (yuck) to clean out the bowels and bring the uterus forward.

Then from midnight on Sunday I need to fast (including water) until 7:30am Monday when I need to be in the clinic for the egg collection.

Everything is going along very well. I could not ask for a better IVF process or a better birthday.

I am in love with my family so much and am in very good, happy space.

My final birthday wish, is for this IVF cycle to work. I wish I may, I wish I might, extend our wonderful family.

Last night, the hubster teared up when thinking that this final cycle may not work. Everyone is invested in this process and wanting the best for us. I feel so very blessed.